Abraham Ovadia

Abraham Ovadia was born in Miami Beach. He moved to Boca Raton at the age of 10. His mother worked two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet for him and his brother. He takes nothing for granted and works hard every day on behalf of his clients. He currently lives in Delray Beach with his wonderful wife, two cute children, and one yappy Yorkie.



Abraham Ovadia opened his own law office in February 2010- Florida PIP Law Firm, PA- exclusively suing PIP insurance companies for underpaying medical providers.

Every year since 2013, Abraham Ovadia has provided Continuing Education credits for Florida Doctors in conjunction with the FCPA, the Florida RBMA, and even sponsors his own courses.

In 2016, Abraham Ovadia re-branded the name of his law firm to Ovadia Law Group because he was handling hundreds of injury claims and didn’t want to be confused for someone who only handled PIP Litigation.

Currently, Ovadia Law Group primarily handles (1) Injury Claims, (2) PIP Insurance Claims on behalf of medical providers, (3) Homeowners Insurance Claims on behalf of homeowners who are being low-balled by their insurance company after wind/water/fire damage, (4) Civil RICO claims on behalf of doctors being sued by insurance companies, and (5) Bodyshops that are tired of being stuck at the same labor rates they were paid 15 years ago. There are more than ten attorneys at Ovadia Law Group- each working harder than the other on behalf of our clients.

The American Dream

The American Dream isn’t dead. Abraham Ovadia is proof that you don’t need a private school education or two rich parents to be successful. His mother came to the United States from Cuba as a teenager and didn’t speak English. She worked two jobs her whole life, sometimes for minimum wage when she had to. At times, his family received food stamps. His mother always valued education, finally receiving her college degree in her mid-40’s. Abraham Ovadia’s first job was at Jamba Juice when he was 16 years old getting $6.50/hour.

Hard Work and Education

This section isn’t about “bragging” about his humble beginnings. Abe knows that others started off in worse positions than he did. His hope is that others reading this site will relate to some of these circumstances in their own lives and see that through hard work and education they can achieve similar results.


God gave us two hands, one to receive and one to give.

Abraham Ovadia believes in giving back to the community in various forms of charitable work. He consistently donates to local organizations but also enjoys being personally involved in charitable works.

Since 2012, Abraham Ovadia has purchased hundreds of toys every holiday season to deliver toys to children in need. When he was about ten years old, the Boca Raton Police Department delivered Christmas presents along with some poor bastard dressed as Santa to his apartment. Since then he wanted to pay it forward when he was able to. At the toy-giveaway that he sponsors, children are able to get a photo with Santa and are able to receive food donated from the local Publix Bakery.

In 2013, Abraham Ovadia made a $400,000 donation to his alma mater- Florida International University College of Law. He wanted to give back to the program that gave him an opportunity to become a lawyer. The FIU College of Law named the Career Planning and Placement Office in his name.

Since 2015, Abraham Ovadia has been involved in purchasing backpacks and filling them with school supplies. The backpacks are donated to schools in poorer neighborhoods and dropped off.

Other Ventures

Tesla MRI

Ovadia founded Tesla MRI, a diagnostic imaging center with multiple locations available for franchise ownership. Every Tesla MRI location has state-of-the-art MRI machines and prides itself on excellent customer service. At Tesla MRI we are “obsessed with excellent image quality and excellent customer service.”

Profesor X

Mr. Ovadia oversees an office in South America, employing over 200 professionals. He established this branch due to the region’s renowned work ethic, intellectual prowess, and rich culture marked by friendliness and sincerity. Many South Americans are bilingual, university-educated, and highly motivated. Mr. Ovadia proudly acknowledges and values the hard work of his dedicated team in South America.

Equipo Legal

Mr. Ovadia takes great pride in communicating with people living in the USA who only speak Spanish and educating them about their rights. Because they don’t speak English they are vulnerable to certain individuals who prey on them because they don’t know where to seek help and can’t communicate. Also, Spanish-speaking only people are usually from the Caribbean or South America where the culture and legal system are often very different from the US- especially in socialist countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia. Mr. Ovadia recognizes the vulnerability of this hardworking group and continues to educate them through educational videos and localized content.

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